Why My Mum Is My Role Model

So it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK, and for the past couple of years I’ve meant to write a post about why my Mum is my role model. I just never got round to it until now, and what better day to post it than today?! Having a mother is the greatest gift anyone could have. Here’s to you, Mum!


She is Always Honest

Whether it be about an outfit or pair of shoes I’m trying on, food I’ve cooked, how I’m looking, advice about men or life in general, I can always rely on my Mum to give me her one hundred percent honest opinion. If she doesn’t think that outfit looks right and highlights the lumps and bumps, she’ll tell me. If she doesn’t think the life choice I’m making is the right one, she’ll make sure I know she doesn’t think so. And this is something I’ve always been thankful for. Not everyone is always honest about everything (seeds in your teeth, anyone?!) but my Mum is!


She is Always There for Me

Pretty much at the drop of a hat, I can rely on my Mum being there for me. I can think of numerous times where she has driven countless miles to be with me when I’ve been unwell or having a complete life crisis. And I know she would always do this if she’s able to. I speak to her on the phone almost every day, and she listens to my moans about life, the universe and everything, and she does this regardless of the time of day (except if an episode of Masterchef is on).


She is the Strongest Person I Know

My Mum has been through so much in her life, more than I could probably ever imagine, yet she is the strongest person I know. She gives the absolute BEST advice, because usually she can empathise with the situation I am in. She knows what to say to me when I am down about the most minor things and she puts life into perspective. She has taught me so many life lessons, which she probably doesn’t even realise, and I cannot thank her enough. She made sure I had everything I ever needed (and wanted – sorry Mum) and made sure I never went without the best of everything. She put me before herself in every situation when I was growing up – she raised me, protected me, cared for me. She gave up so much in order to make sure my needs were met before her own. She is completely selfless. She got me through college and university, even when I wanted to give up, she kept me going. There have been numerous family issues that we have been through together, and every time, she has been there for me, my best friend, my rock. I can tell her anything and although she may not always be happy about what I tell her, she won’t ever judge me and she doesn’t love me any less. Every struggle we have been through, we have got each other through. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have her.


I sincerely hope that if I ever have children, that my relationship with them is similar to that of my relationship with my Mum. I want to be the kind of Mum to my future children that my Mum is to me. 


I am so honoured to have a Mum like her, a Mum who is such a fantastic role model. Everything she has taught me constantly makes me want to become a better person, for myself and for others. I want her to know how much I value having such a beautiful, inspirational person in my life. I want to thank her for everything she has ever done for me. For being my biggest supporter. My prosecco partner in crime. My shopping sista (even though she hates it). My shoulder to cry on. My taxi driver. My pet sitter. My absolute best ever friend. But most importantly, my role model.


I know, hands down, that my relationship with my mum will never change. She’ll always be a bad influence on me, encouraging me to have “just one more prosecco”, even though it’s already 2am. She’ll always listen to me cry about the same things year after year, because the reality is that they still upset me, even when I pretend day after day that they don’t. We’ll always have funny “in-jokes” that we share together. We’ll always go on girly days and cocktail drinking shenanigans when we can. And regardless of how old I am, I know that I’ll always be able to pick up the phone to her, or text her, no matter what time of day it is (maybe not when Masterchef is on, though).

I love you, Mum.



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