RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil – Review

Well, hello, blog! It’s been rather a long time, hasn’t it?! What better way to make a comeback than with a review of a product that I have been enjoying using lately – RosehipPlus Rosehip Oil! Let me tell you more…


This is the time of year that my skin is about as dry as my bank account at Christmas time. I honestly can’t get enough of hydrating products at the moment, particularly slathering them on my face. And we all know how much I’ve been trying to improve my skincare routine for the past goodness-knows-how-long.

At the beginning of the year, I was very kindly offered the chance to try RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil, and now I feel I’ve had the chance to give it a proper try, I can give it an honest review.

RosehipPLUS is an Australian skincare brand, which is making its way across to the UK. They are an organic brand who pride themselves in their high quality, 100% pure Certified Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil that they have used to develop their range of skincare products by blending it with other ingredients such as chamomile, avocado and rose geranium. Their range claims to hydrate, nourish and replenish the skin.


Rosehip Oil can help reduce scarring and fine lines, as well as lessen the appearance of stretchmarks and soothe sun burn. It can also improve the appearance of dry and sensitive skin. The oil can be used as part of a daily routine for both men and women of all ages, even for those with sensitive skin.

The oil is extracted from the seeds without heat, solvents or chemicals, guaranteeing the oil’s purity and quality. RosehipPLUS only use the seeds from the rosehip berry, but some other oils can have a dark reddish hue – this is mainly due to the flesh from the berry being used. RosehipPLUS pride themselves on being the ONLY range to remove the flesh from the berry before pressing, hence its golden colour.  This one-of-a-kind technique means that the maximum levels of nutrients are retained, ensuring that the skin gets all the goodness from the Rosehip Oil.

This is the second facial oil that I have tried, the first one being Skinkissed. The RosehipPLUS Oil comes in a bottle with a dropper and is a really nice consistency, which works into the skin well, leaving it feeling hydrated and looking glowy. 3-4 drops are all that are needed to massage into clean skin. My skin also still looks glowing in the morning when I use this oil before bed. The oil has a very light scent – I’m always worried that oils are going to smell fishy, but I’m glad to say this one doesn’t! I tried the Rosehip Oil as a primer under my make up by using it in the morning, but this one didn’t work for me and made my skin a little too shiny for my liking throughout the day. Therefore I have been using it at night only.


After just over a month of use I can say that the Rosehip Oil does leave my skin feeling hydrated, which was what I was hoping to achieve, and the added bonus is that the RosehipPLUS Oil gives my skin a natural glow. I will continue to use this oil on a rotation with other skincare products that I want to try.

Have you ever used Rosehip oil, or any other skin oils before?

* This post contains a gifted product sent to me to test, however all opinions are my own.

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