New L’Oréal Infaillible Primers

Up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t actually use any sort of primers on my face before applying foundation and concealer. I know, I know. What. A. Sin! However since primers have come into my life, I am a changed person (really!) and can’t believe this wasn’t even part of my routine before.


Boots recently had three for two on their L’Oréal products so I picked up three of their new Infaillible primers to try. There are five in the range, but I chose the Anti Fatigue (God knows I need this one!), the Mattifying and the Pore Refining.

The idea of the Infaillible primers is that you can mix and match, and use different ones for different parts of your face. For example, the Anti Fatigue one could be used for any dark circles under the eyes, the Mattifying one could be used on any parts of your face that are prone to being more oily, whereas the Pore Refining one could be used on parts of the face with larger pores. Of course, if you wanted to use the Mattifying one, for example, all over, you could.


Anti Fatigue Primer

L’Oréal claims the “apricot pigments fight dullness and fatigue to restore the complexion to a naturally energised, radiant look”. When I first pumped this primer out, I don’t know why I was so surprised by the bright orange colour… but I was! The first time I used it, my skin was feeling particularly dull, and I was SO tired, so I used the primer all over my face and it turned my whole face an orange-y sort of colour! Oops! The primer has a very thin consistency and blends easily into the skin. Since the first use, I have now only used this primer under my eyes to help fight the dark circles! It does definitely give the skin a glow and perks it up.


Mattifying Primer

L’Oréal claims that this primer “hydrates and controls shine in one easy step.” It “Absorbs excess oil for an instantly matte complexion”. I picked this primer up because my skin is very oily. As with the Anti Fatigue primer, I used this primer all over my face the first time I used it. Again, it has a thin consistency and blends very easily. It did feel somewhat hydrating on my skin. I have been pretty impressed with this primer, as it has kept the shine at bay for longer than most other primers have. Wearing this primer, I can go the whole day at work before the shine is beginning to peep through, which is an achievement! I have mostly been using this with the Anti Fatigue primer, and really like this combination.


Pore Refining Primer

L’Oréal claims this primer should “blur pores, hide skin imperfections and mattify skin for a flawless, even-looking finish.” My pores aren’t overly large and so I would definitely agree with the blurring the pores claim. I have, however, only used the Pore Refining primer once. This primer didn’t mattify my skin as much as the Mattifying primer, although my skin wasn’t overly shiny by the end of the day either. It just wasn’t as matte as with the Mattifying primer, if that makes sense! I did like the finish of this primer – it still had a thin consistency but blended nicely. I’d like to play around with this primer more, mixing and matching with the other two.


The new Infaillible primers all cost £8.99 for 20ml.  As I already mentioned, I was lucky enough to spot these on a three for two deal at Boots. I personally feel they are slightly over-priced for the amount that you get, however, I probably will still buy these again as they seem to be quite good!

Have you tried any of the new L’Oréal Infaillible primers?


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