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Ella Baché is a French-based brand that is already well known among the Australian community.  I had never heard of the brand but I liked that it uses natural nutrients in their products.  Recently I have tried out three Ella Baché products and wanted to share my thoughts on them with you.

Eyelash Makeup Remover

Firstly, the Ella Baché Eyelash Makeup Remover comes out of the tube like an oily cream, but when applied to the eyes with the fingertips, turns into an oil. It claims to be a quick and easy make-up remover that strengthens your natural eyelashes, but is also ok to use with eyelash extensions too. I have heard that this product can be compared to a Murad cleanser, although I haven’t tried any Murad products so I can’t say whether that is true or not.

This make-up remover claims to remove even the toughest of mascaras and eyeshadows. You are meant to melt the products on your fingertips first and then rub it in a circular motion onto the lashes and eyes, but I hate using my fingertips and getting them dirty! I use cotton wool pads and put the product on them then hold them over my eyes and lashes for a few seconds before gently swiping them over my lids and lashes to get rid of most of the products. I have to say that this generally works, and then I can use another cotton wool pad and rub in a circular motion to get any leftover product off my eyes and lashes. The product doesn’t turn to an oil when used with a cotton wool pad, but this is because the heat from your fingertips helps with the change in consistency, whereas the cotton wool pads don’t do that.

As the make-up remover is paraben, silicone, fragrance and colourant free, there is no irritation for my eyes, in fact, the product feels quite soothing. It really does remove stubborn products, although I don’t wear waterproof mascara, so can’t comment on that. For the price, I would definitely recommend trying this.

Hyularonic Moisturising Jelly

The second product is Ella Baché’s Hyularonic Moisturising Jelly. This is a product that should be used twice a day – morning and night – for best results. This moisturiser is particularly good for people living in hot and wet climates. I don’t live in a hot climate, but I do live in Scotland, which can be horrendously rainy.

The moisturising jelly has a very slight fragrance to it, feels lightweight on the skin, soaks in right away and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy on me either. It also makes my skin feel really smooth and fresh, which I love the feeling of! It contains Hydra-plumping hyaluronic acid, which claims to plump up the skin and reduce dehydration lines (wrinkles) so I will be packing this moisturiser as one of my holiday essentials for applying after sitting in the sun all day!

Radiance Bubbles Charcoal Mask

Finally, the Radiance Bubbles Charcoal Mask is an innovative cellulose sheet mask with activated charcoal which claims to tighten pores as well as give a deep cleanse and help detoxify skin by capturing impurities. I love sheet masks and I have never tried a charcoal sheet mask, so I was really keen to try this one, especially as it is also meant to “bubble” as it gets to work, leaving the user with a glowing complexion.

The charcoal bubble mask is described as a cellulose sheet mask that is rich in activated charcoal. It is enriched with anti-pollution agents that help to oxygenate skin, fruit-derived AHAs and glycolic acid to help refine and soften texture and tone, aloe vera to calm and soothe and hydrate all skin types.

The sheet mask is thin and delicate but unlike some other sheet masks, movement is not restricted when the mask is in use. The bio-cellulose fibres mould to the face like another layer of skin and can also be adjusted by gently pulling and stretching the mask.

The mask is recommended to be left on for between 5-10 minutes, then can be removed and discarded of. The bubbling started happening pretty much as soon as I put the mask on my face. I thought it might feel tickly, but it didn’t, I could just hear it kind of sizzling and foaming a bit! I closed my eyes whilst I had the mask on, as I was scared that it might bubble over into my eyes, but it surprisingly didn’t. Any residue from the mask that was left on my face after the mask I just wiped away with warm water on a face cloth.

After using this mask, my skin felt SO smooth, soft, revitalised, radiant… I could go on! I am surprised to say, but I really enjoyed using this mask and would definitely purchase it again. It looks funny when it’s on the face, but the results afterwards are well worth it!

I’m so glad that I have been exposed to Ella Baché products. I will definitely be trying more in the future.

Have you tried any Ella Baché products?

This post contains gifted products, however, as always, my reviews are completely honest and views are my own.

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