Nails.  I am obsessed with them and if you have followed me for some time, you would know that.  With over eleven years experience in the nail industry, Roxanne Campbell knows what she’s talking about when it comes to nails. She’s painted nails and created nail designs for many a celebrity (including Adele and supermodel Jourdan Dunn) and for gold medalists in the athlete’s villlage at London 2012.

Having worked backstage at Fashion Week in both London and New York, Roxanne spotted a gap in the UK market for unique fashion colours and was inspired to create her own line of luxury nail lacquers.


If you watch my vlogs, you will know that I am forever getting my nails done. I love nail polish and never leave the house without my fingers and toes always being painted.  Although I get my nails done regularly at a salon, I paint my toenails myself.

In the summer, I was very kindly sent two nail lacquers in gorgeous shades from Roxanne’s Summer Collection to try.  I was obsessed with the two shades (Sitting Pretty and Off to Jamaica), and they were absolutely perfectly selected for me, and spot on shades for the summer.

With autumn and winter drawing in, I tend to shift the colours I’m wearing from bright shades, to more burgundys, neutrals and greys.  Roxanne has got her Autumn/Winter collection just right with the three shades she has brought out, and she very kindly sent me all three to try.  These have been added to my collection on my dressing table, as the packaging is so elegant and high-end looking.

Wine and Dine

When I saw I had been sent this beautiful berry shade, it made me so excited for crisp winter days. This shade matches perfectly with a red lip. I applied two coats of this on my toes for a more opaque finish.


Expensive Taste

This shade is very similar to Wine and Dine, but is a deeper shade, and to me, more autumnal. I have also worn this shade on my toes, and applied two coats as I prefer a more opaque finish. It could have done with a third coat to give it an even deeper finish/colour.


Stormy Weather

Of the three nail lacquers in the autumn/winter collection, this one is the most opaque, and definitely only requires one coat. It is the perfect shade of grey. If you watch my vlogs, you will know that I am obsessed with grey! This one is my personal fave!


Wine and Dine and Expensive Taste lasted well on my toenails, and were easily removed with no staining.  I wore Stormy Weather over my shellac as a colour change, and removed with acetone free nail polish remover with ease.

The Roxanne Campbell Luxury Nail Lacquers are cruelty free, three free (free from formaldehyde, toluene and camphor) and are made right here in the UK.

These Luxury Nail Lacquers are super reasonably priced at £10 each, and would make great stocking fillers for Christmas! If you’d like to check out the full range, you can do so here.

You can also check Roxanne Campbell out on social media in the following places:




Which is your favourite autumn/winter shade?

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are entirely my own.


Pumpkin is my go-to Autumn scent/flavour. What is better than sipping on a pumpkin spice latte whilst kicking through the crunchy autumnal leaves whilst wearing a bobble hat? Ok… maybe I’m taking that a bit too far (or am I?!) But when I heard that The Body Shop were launching a Vanilla Pumpkin range, it quite simply had to become part of my collection because I knew it was going to smell delicious. How couldn’t it, with pumpkin?! Unfortunately, this was a limited edition collection, and the Christmas scents are now in, but I wanted to share my tuppence-worth with you all anyway.


The Vanilla Pumpkin collection came as a body butter, shower gel, hand cream and if you wanted to be that little bit extra, a shimmer mist. I bought the shower gel and hand cream.


The scent is described as containing “vanilla extract from Madagascar and pumpkin fragrance”. It is a sweet, yet not too over-powering smell, predominantly it smells of vanilla – I would describe it as a sweeter-smelling version of pumpkin spice.


I always use The Body Shop hand creams anyway, as I love that they sink in to the skin and are non-greasy, and the Vanilla Pumpkin hand cream is no different. The consistency is relatively thick (I always think more like almost a gel than a cream?!), and you can feel the cream getting to work as it sinks into the skin. The smell lasts on the skin for a long time after applying too, which is always a bonus.


I also love the Body Shop shower gels. I tend to stock up round about Christmas time as I love a good Christmas scent, but I thought I would try this one too! The Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel did not disappoint, it smells amazing and lathers up nicely too! It also feels moisturising in comparison to some of the other Body Shop shower gels I’ve tried, but I couldn’t see anything that said it had moisturising properties, so another nice surprise from this range!


From what I tried of this collection, I love it. It just frustrates me when brands do limited editions, as The Body Shop might not do this scent again, or I’ll have to wait another year to get my hands on it! Sigh…

Did you get any of the Vanilla Pumpkin Body Shop range?


I know I wrote a post about why I love spring, but I also love autumn too. I’ve skipped writing a post about why I love summer, because #unpopularopinion – I’m not particularly fond of it… Anyway, I love autumn and I’m one hundred percent dedicating a blog post to it. (I’ll probably do one for winter too, let’s face it).

I don’t know about other parts of the UK, but in Scotland the transition from “summer” (I use that term VERY loosely) to autumn happens overnight. I’m not even kidding. One night it gets dark at 10.00pm and then BOOM! The next night it’s getting dark at 7.00pm and it’s autumn. It’s mystical and completely baffles me, but alas, it is a time of year that I love. Here’s why…


Yup, I am one of those basic bitches who sips a PSL from Starbucks the day they become available until the day they run out. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. And the pumpkin obsession doesn’t stop in Starbucks either. Pumpkin spice Baileys. You got it! Vanilla pumpkin shower gel. Check. Cinnamon pumpkin anti-bac. Yaaaaas! There’s just something about pumpkin [spice] that signals autumn, and I just love it!


As a child, did you ever used to kick through massive piles of leaves that had been swept up? That distinct crunching sound as they scatter all around, children laughing… I always used to be terrified that hedgehogs would be in the big piles of leaves! There’s just something about crunching through the leaves that I still love. Of course when there are leaves to crunch through, autumn is certainly here.



As soon as the weather drops below ten degrees (which is round about the end of August in Scotland haha!) my chunky knit sweaters and bobble hats come out. Autumn is definitely the perfect excuse for a cosy clothes haul. Whether it’s new jumpers, socks, or warmer pyjamas and onesies, I just can’t risk being cold! I also like to whack my heating up to around 25degrees every evening for good measure too (I’m not even joking!)


Is it just me, or does homeware become a million times better round about autumn time? There’s cushions, candles, autumny decorative bits and bobs, fairy lights for added ambience, gold/copper/rose-gold accessories… I just love everything about it all!



‘Nuff said!

What are your favourite things about autumn?


I’m usually quite wary of trying new products on my skin, especially on my face. I’ve always had very sensitive and naturally oily skin. For this reason, I have never used face oils or serums for fear of them making my skin even oilier. However, when I read about Skinkissed Vitamin C serum, I was intrigued. I have to admit, I was slightly sceptical about using this product – it claims to be a “miracle in a bottle” that helps you to achieve “flawless and glowing skin” – isn’t that every girls dream?!


I am lucky in the sense that I have never suffered from acne, so I don’t have many scars from spots, however this product claims to help heal acne scarring too, as well as help reduce the signs of aging. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on those side of things.

Skinkissed Serum contains natural ingredients – the only one that I was slightly worried about was fish oil, as I was concerned it would make the serum smell fishy, but it really doesn’t! The directions recommend that you apply 10-15 drops on your fingertips before massaging into your face and neck, but I only use about 6 drops and find that is enough. You can also put this serum on your lips, but I haven’t tried that, as I prefer using a lip balm anyway.

The packaging of Skinkissed is a brown glass bottle, and the product is applied to the fingertips with a glass pipette. You get 20ml of product, which will last a while if used as directed.  The serum is quite thick in consistency, definitely thicker than I had thought it would be.  However, I haven’t used a face serum before, so I have nothing to compare it to.


I apply Skinkissed in the evening before going to bed. It goes on very smoothly and instantly makes my skin feel more hydrated. In the morning, my skin definitely feels smoother and softer too, and not at all greasy or oily. I’ve also used Skinkissed as a primer for my make up a couple of times, which has also worked well. In comparison to my usual primers, I would say it held my foundation in place just as well.I’ve been impressed with the Skinkissed serum, and it’s made me want to experiment with more face serums and oils. As for the claims that it’s a “miracle in a bottle”, I honestly can’t really say…  I do definitely feel it has made my skin smoother and softer, though.  You can purchase Skinkissed serum here.

Have you tried face serums or oils? Which ones are your favourite?

*This post contains products that were sent to me to test and review, however all opinions are entirely my own.


By now you will all know that I am obsessed with anything glittery or sparkly. If you don’t already know that, I mean, what even?! When I saw this Jouer and Jeffree Star collab, I knew I had to get it because, well, pink sparkles… Hello! A name like “Sweet Tooth” instantly makes me think of a world of pink! Plus, who doesn’t love a Jouer lip topper or Jouer product, because I sure do!!!

Sweet Tooth

When this lip topper arrived, I was obviously firstly drawn to the packaging, which is a gorgeous metallic pink/purple colour, with the Jeffree Star logo down the side.

Sweet Tooth

The only difference with the packaging of the actual product in comparison to other Jouer lip toppers, is the lid. This lid is a similar gorgeous pink/purple metallic colour to the box, and has the Jeffree Star logo on it.

I love the formula of Jouer lip toppers, and this collaboration with Jeffree Star is no exception. It glides on smoothly, and doesn’t feel sticky or drag on the lips. Can we also just talk about the scent of Jouer lip toppers?! Ohmigod. They smell like cakes! How could you not like a product that smells like cakes?!

Sweet ToothAs with all other Jouer lip toppers, you can wear this product on its own, or over another product. I personally like wearing it over a liquid lipstick for that extra pop of sparkle.

Sweet Tooth

The only downside I have found with the Sweet Tooth lip topper is that I personally feel it is more sparkly than the other Jouer ones that I own (is that really a bad thing?), and taking it off results in the glitter/sparkles spreading over my face! But I mean, you can never have too much glitter or sparkle in your life really, can you?!

Sweet Tooth

Did you get your hands on this limited edition Sweet Tooth lip topper? Do you have any other Jouer lip toppers?